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While all medical students generally take the same courses for their education, unfortunately many don’t receive the quality of education they deserve and lack basic foundations. At KRUSHKROK, we realized that there is a significant gap between what was taught and what was tested in the krok exam. Therefore, we founded KRUSHKROK with the sole principle of creating only the finest quality preparation materials to fill the gap.

At KRUSHKROK, we specialize in preparing you for the krok exam. That’s all we do! Because of this narrow focus, we have mastered the art of explaining and preparing students to overcome the ever-changing challenges of exams.

Preparing for a licensing exam is one of the most significant and stressful times in a student’s life. But, we teach you the right way to prepare for the krok exam, avoiding costly mistakes most students commonly make in the exam. We maximize your chances by providing you visual aids and summarized explanations highlighting the important facts and ‘must knows’ to adequately prepare you for the exam.

Contrary to the popular trend and believe that only third (3rd) year medical students prepare for the krok 1 exams, we in KRUSHKROK believe that your preparation starts from your first day in medical school i.e. your first year (1st course).

Over the years, Krok always repeat 60-80% of past questions, this is a known fact to everyone who has taken Krok exams before. Therefore, getting yourself acquainted with this questions early and even from your first year (1st course) will make your 3rd year and the  Krok 1 exam fun. With Krushkrok, you study smart and still play hard. Your success is guaranteed!

All practice questions in this site are made available in downloadable versions on testcentr.org.ua (the official krok website). But all explanations, visual aids, diagrams and mnemonics can only be found in krushkrok.com



  • Over 2000+ exceptionally well-summarized explanations with vivid illustrations that are easy to understand and remember.
  • Self-assessment for the feel of an actual exam which closely resembles the experience of the actual krok exam.
  • Mnemonics with key words (NB: KRUSHKROK recommends that the mnemonics should be used as a supplement to the explanations and not a sole preparatory material).
  • Bases and Booklets covered for training.
  • Available on desktop/laptop/tablet/smartphone


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